Welcome to a very special type of festival.

Drop the Story is an annual festival of solo autobiographical theatre that began in 2013.

Solo autobiographical theatre alters the angle from which people see their life story, and enables them to change the meaning of this story so that it propels them towards fulfilling their potential.

Stories are the way we make sense of the world. Our social worlds, our relationships, our identity, our conversations — all are shaped by the stories we tell about ourselves and that other people tell about us.

However, we are not just one story, and our unfulfilled potential is often found in the stories that mostly go untold.

By freeing ourselves from our limiting stories and authoring new and more empowering ones, we can shift our perception of reality and transform our way of being.

This year’s festival is a joint production with Ashburton Arts and lasts for four days: Thursday 17 October to Sunday 20 October 2019. Each day features three or four performers. All tell their story in their own individual way.

You can view the programme here.

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We look forward to seeing you at Drop the Story.

Agata Krajewska and Mo Cohen
Agata Krajewska and Mo Cohen
Festival Directors

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